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Monday, March 1, 2010

Racing in Zucchini Boats.

The title of this post makes very little sense, but I wanted to incorporate the two highlights of my day. Making zucchini boats and signing up for my first 5k!

Zucchini first. Seeing I am still fighting off sickness, all I wanted for dinner tonight was veggies. So, veggies we had.

We sliced three zucchinis in half (we had to toss one half because it was really mushy) and spooned out the seedy insides. Then laid them out on wax paper on a cookie sheet.

Then, I spread some of the left over "refried" beans from the other night over the zucchinis.

Then, I chopped up an orange pepper, half an onion, and some mushrooms, and laid them on top of the beans.

I popped those babies in the oven at about 420 for 15 minutes, then pulled them out, added a little salsa and cheese, and put it back in the oven for about 3 minutes.

Zucchini boats!

My plate...

These were pretty tasty, but not as good as I was hoping they would be. Growing up, I hated zucchini. I hated it to the point of gagging. Over the past few years, I have begun throwing little bits of zucchini into stir frys, pastas, etc. and I never minded it. So, I thought I was over my hatred. The zucchini boats were a little too intense for me though. I didn't gag, but I kind of wish I did a pepper boat instead.

If you like zucchini, the boats are for you! They are also a perfectly portioned meal for anyone cooking for one or two people.

Now, the race. I asked Jeffrey in the car this morning if he wanted to run a 5k with me in the spring. He agreed. A couple hours later, curiousity drove me to check upcoming races in the Connecticut area. That's when I found Hartford's St. Patrick's Day 5k taking place on March 14th!! Less than two weeks! I asked Jeff to run it with me, but he said he wouldn't be ready in time, but he will cheer me on. I asked my dad and my stepmom, but they will be sunning themselves in the French West Indies that week. Looks like I am on my own!

I am so excited!! I have ran in races before, but it was always something I dreaded. I was never in shape; I didn't care, and I just wanted it to be done.

This is completely different. I am pretty comfortably running 3 miles on a day to day basis, so the distance should not be a problem. As I looked over pictures from this race over the years, it looks like a really fun one to be a part of. Everyone is dressed up, there is live music, radio stations sponsor it, and I heard through the grapevine that you get a free beer when you'e done! Woohoo!

So, it has been a pretty productive day. Now, I am off to bed so I wake up bright and early and train for my 5k!!

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  1. Congratulations Annie! That is super exciting. :)