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Sunday, February 28, 2010


For those of you who do not follow Meghann's blog and are wanting to get into running, read her latest post. You will most certainly be inspired.

Meghann just completed the Michelob Challenge, which consists of a 5k, 15k, and marathon in one weekend. Yesterday, she ran the 15k followed by the 5k, and then woke up this morning and ran a marathon. I was in complete awe reading her recap of the races. She completed the marathon in record time and feeling strong.

Again, if you are unfamiliar with her blog, check it out. What she has accomplished in terms of running is truly amazing. I will have to keep it in mind while I am struggling to finish my 3 miles tomorrow...

In terms of my progress, my 3 miles seem to be getting easier! I don't want to jinx myself, but this morning, I woke up (a little sick), dragged myself out the door, and actually completed a reasonably painless 3 mile run! I think I am going to stick with this distance for a little while before taking on any more miles. My knees are starting to hurt slightly, and I do not want to push it.

I am looking forward to tomorrow's run because I get to try out a new sports bra I picked up from Old Navy today. Turns out, Old Navy has some pretty good work out clothes! They were also having a big sale, so I got three sports bras for $12 each (and a couple other things...)! New workout clothing always gets me excited for the workout itself.

Prior to my shopping adventure, Jeff and I threw a lunch together trying to use up some of our leftovers. Of course, we needed to use salsa, so we ended up having a Mexican themed lunch yet again.

This little bowl of happiness includes quinoa, "refried" beans, black beans, salsa, avocado, peppers, tomato, and mushrooms. Oh boy. It was tasty.

Now, I am sitting on bed, about to go back to the studying, but a certain friend of mine had other plans.

Gretta thinks she deserves my attention more than my homework does. Thus, she will sit on my studies until I succumb to her wishes.

One more thing. I have never been a gadget person. I don't have an iPod (I lost mine, and now I steal Jeffrey's); my cellphone is dangerously similar in appearance to Zach Morris', and my laptop was the cheapest I could find. However, there is one gadget out there that has snuck into my dreams...

Hello, lover. The Forerunner Garmin 305. This baby will provide you with any information you could ever need while running. It is unbelievable. When I start running real distances, the Garmin would really come in handy.

Graduation present....?

Ok, time to give Gretta some love, finish some work, and go to bed!

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