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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Glowing skin and snow.

Connecticut has rung in another snowy day! And, once again, the snow got me out of an evening class!

I decided I needed to celebrate my free night and the cold weather with a warm and comforting dinner.

Baked sweet potato with leftover chili and cheese!

This meal was easy, filling, and so unbelievably satisfying. We had leftover chili in the freezer that I have been wanting to eat up, but I was definitely not in the mood for a mere bowl of chili. So this was my solution.

I simply thawed out the chili in a pot on the stove, stirring often. I punctured a couple holes in half a sweet potato with a fork and microwaved it for 5 minutes (turning it over half way through), and grated up some cheese for some added decadence. It was exactly what I was craving.

I made a very boring salad too just to incorporate a little green into my life.

Aside from that, my eats were very boring today. Oats, leftovers, and fruit.

I did get Jeffrey to start eating almond butter though!

His and hers apple with almond butter.

In other news, I was very proud of my running determination today. I lounged around all morning, knowing that I had to make myself run at least two miles (I have been playing catch up after my lazy weekend), but going running in the snow was extremely unappealing. However, I knew my only other option was going to the UConn gym before my class, which was even less appealing.

So, I sucked it up and went for a run. As soon as I started running, I was happy I forced myself outside. The majority of the sidewalks were shoveled, and my legs felt surprisingly good after my painful three mile run yesterday. I decided to push for two and a half miles, and I ended up completing it without walking!

I have noticed that my recovery time after my runs has decreased substantially. I was winded when I got home, but as soon as I got inside and drank a glass of water, I felt fine again. I need to cherish these small milestones!

It is still snowing now, so I anticpate another snowy run in the morning...

LASTLY: a different kind of news...
I was blog stalking today, and I came across something on Oh She Glows, which was then repeated on Healthy Tipping Point. It's called "Project Glow," and it is something of a natural beauty regiment to improve your skin. Check out the links for the details!

Lately, my skin has been terrible, and I honestly do not know what it is. I eat pretty well, I exercise, I don't smoke, I don't drink that much, and I drink a ton of water. It was a pretty recent thing too. I have never had perfect skin, but it also hasn't been this bad before.

So, I want to try to resolve this in a healthy way! I have done things like Proactiv before, but it was always too harsh on my skin. Once I have all of the necessary supplies, I will start Project Glow and tell you a little more about it.

Is there anyone out there who wants to join?

Now, it is time for bed. Sleep is good for your skin, right?

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