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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Although my Sundays seem to get better with time, my Mondays are not so lucky.

I woke up feeling pretty good. I went for a nice, and relatively easy, 1.5 mile run. I came home, stretched, and had a delicious breakfast.

I even switched up my breakfast this morning as an attempt to break away from Monday morning glum. Instead of my usual oats, I had

1/2 c of plain yogurt (roughly half a cup, it was a full, single serving container)
1/2 apple
1/2 dying pear
1/3 c my homemade granola
1 T almond butter

It was delicious, and I was temporarily happy.

However, my moody funk lingered. All day. It was one of those days where nothing goes terribly wrong, but everything upsets you anyway. I tried multiple times to calm down, drink tea, have a snack (snack was a peanut butter chocolate bar this afternoon, and even that didn't work), but everything I tried had no lasting effect.

Around 11, I thought a Green Monster would make me feel better.

2.5 c spinach
3/4 c almond milk
1/2 banana
1 T flax

It did. For a little while. Then I had to fill out an Accident Report from my car accident, and shockingly enough, I was in a bad mood again.

Lunch was delicious though. Boring, but delicious.

Almond butter, apple spiced butter, and 1/2 pear on whole wheat. So tasty.

I ate the rest of the pear and my last chickpeas blondie as dessert, neither of which I photographed.

The remainder of the day dragged, and I finally decided to go with it. Clearly, this Monday was a loss.

Dinner was the highlight of my day (and the wine that went with it, thanks Jeff!). There was a bruised spaghetti squash and some sub-par brussel sprouts at work, so I snagged them and began brainstorming dinner. I came up with spaghetti squash with mushroom and red pepper sauce and chevre (exprired, so free) with sauteed brussel sprouts.

This meal made me smile.

Spaghetti squash turns out to be incredibly easy to make! I cut it in half (lengthwise), scooped out the fibrous center, and baked it (rind up, cut side down) in a pan with about an inch of water at 400 for 30 minutes. I let it cool for about five minutes, then scraped out the insides with a fork forming spaghetti!

For the sauce, I simply sauteed mushrooms and red pepper (in butter, I needed decadence last night), and when they began to brown, I poured in 1/2 jar of Newmans Sockarooni pasta sauce.

Lastly, I washed the brussel sprouts thoroughly, sliced them in half, and sauteed them with garlic and coconut oil (and butter...decadence). I added some salt and pepper. I went a little overboard with the salt, though. I'm still learning.

(x2 the wine).

Perfect. AND there are leftovers of everything (except the wine...whoops)!

Finally, it is a new day! When I woke up this morning (slightly later than usual because today is my rest day), the sun was shining, and Gretta was sitting on my chest waiting patiently for me to get up and feed her. I decided, right then and there, that today was going to be a better day. I will make it be a better day by forcing myself into a good mood.

Breakfast was a good start.

1/3 c Bob's Redmill high fiber hot cereal
1/2 banana
1 T chia seeds
1 T almond butter
1/3 c my homemade granola
sprinkle of cinnamon and agave

I ate breakfast while catching up on my emails and sipping some Awake tea. Now I am sitting in class catching up on my blogging (which I will be better about soon), and I am already feeling better than I did yesterday at this time.

Good start. Very good start.

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